Our Founders

For me life was filled with an abundance of opportunities that I took full advantage of. I grew up in the city of Philadelphia, where I became familiar with the phrase “brotherly love”.   I was sheltered by a loving family that supported my goals and encouraged my physical and educational growth.  As a young child I was introduced to the sport of basketball.  Through basketball I was given the opportunity to travel to places and meet friends that left lifelong impressions on me.  As a high school student athlete I was given the opportunity to attend Friends Select and Cardinal Dougherty high schools.  During my time at Friends Select I gained an understanding of Quaker heritage and beliefs.  During my time at Cardinal Dougherty I was introduced to Catholic values and practices.  I later went on to attend Saint Joseph’s University on a full athletic scholarship.  During those years of learning different values, practices, and beliefs, I realized that there was great need for public service in the city that I called home.  Through the Lowry Love Foundation we hope to reach as many people as possible to spread love and support. While attending Cardinal Dougherty High School I also met my husband Kyle Lowry. - Ayahna Cornish-Lowry


Born and raised in the city of Philadelphia, I can truly appreciate the values that I learned growing up in a tough-minded city.  Growing up here with a loving and supportive family has shaped the man that I am today, and has taught me the right and wrong things to do in life.  Growing up here, I also know that every kid does not get to learn the values that I did as a young man in North Philadelphia.  Being given the opportunities that I was given as a young man has allowed me to graduate from Cardinal Dougherty High School, attend Villanova University, and go on to be drafted into the National Basketball Association.  Now a member of the Toronto Raptors, Canada's only NBA team, I have a prime opportunity to give back, both to the city that made me and the city that has welcomed me with open arms.  Through this foundation we have a goal to help and encourage as many people as possible, and with the help of the community we hope to positively change lives. - Kyle Lowry